Starting 2013, every November the Editor of the College will select the best and most professional articles posted on the College website over the past year and collate them alongside some longer essays into the Journal of the College of Sociology. A pdf edition of the Journal will be sent out to selected academics in the fields of religious studies, politics, philosophy and cultural studies.

Contributors are encouraged to propose extensions of their focused pieces for longer essays.

Separate longer essay submissions are equally encouraged and will be assessed according to the following, simple criteria:

               Does it highlight the sacred?
               Does it consider the way that the sacred underpins collective?

Please read the following guidelines carefully before you submit your article.

Length: The Journal prefers essays of up to 8500 words (with notes). Note: submissions that exceed these limits will not be evaluated.
Abstracts: Submissions to the Journal must also include a 200-word abstract answering to the selection criteria above (Does it highlight the sacred? Does it consider how the sacred underpins the collective?).  The abstract will not be used to judge the quality of the article but will be used to judge relevance.

Style and Formatting. We ask that all submissions adhere to the Harvard System of Referencing guidelines. Please pay particular attention to the documentation of your sources, as incomplete or improper citations can slow down the editing process.

With regard to notes and citations in particular, the College of Sociology uses a works cited "page" at the bottom of each post. 

A Note on Translations: Because the College of Sociology is an English-language journal, we need to ensure that it is accessible to our readership. If you intend to include quotations written in non-English languages, please include English translations of those quotations in the body of the article. Where published English translations exist, you should quote from these texts directly rather than provide your own new translation. You may of course modify the published translation, however please do so only where such modifications are critical to your argument. Likewise non-English quotations should be included supplementarily only where necessary.

Publication history and rights: Because the College of Sociology is as interested in compiling multidisciplinary work in one place as it is in publishing original work, some items published may have been previously published in another format elsewhere. If this is the case, it is vital that full referencing credits are given to the initial publisher at the beginning of the article. The College of Sociology cannot be held accountable for any copyright infringement. Any responsibility for copyright infringement lies with the artist.

Submissions format: All submissions to the College of Sociology can be sent to us in the form of a Microsoft Word file, attached to an email. Where the artist wishes only to send a picture or video, we still request that these are posted within a word file, accompanied by an abstract.
All submissions and queries should be sent to the editor: t i m o t h y j s t a c e y AT gmail DOT com